Rev. Zuio Hisao Inagaki

The Successor and Exponent of Horai Association (International) (KŌRŌ-SHŌ Award for the Promotion of Buddhism) Professor Emeritus, Ryukoku University. Born in Kobe, Nov. 1929; graduated from Kobe City University of Foreign Languages (B.A.), Ryukoku University (M.A.), and School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (Ph.D., 1968). Lecturer in Buddhism at School of Oriental Continue reading

“Thus I have Heard from Rennyo Shonin” – Vol. 2

(31-60) translation with notes by Zuio Hisao Inagaki (31) Continuation of shinjin after attaining it: The continuation of shinjin after attaining it is nothing special. The continuation of the settled mind after attaining it along with continuation of the single thought of appreciative entrusting heart is called ‘being constantly mindful of Amida’ or ‘always eager to Continue reading