Rev. Zuiken Saizo Inagaki

If someone asks, “What sort of person is Zuiken?”
Just answer, “He only looks up and adores the Primal Vow Power.”
Horai Dharma Pada 147.

Rev. Zuiken Saizo Inagaki (1885-1981) was a student of Rev. Riken Katsura (1872-1944), and was ordained as a priest at the West Hongwanji in 1945. A remarkable and charismatic teacher, Zuiken’s exuberant expositions of the teaching of Shinran attracted a large following, and there soon developed a widespread affection for him as a compassionate and lucid thinker.

Zuiken published more than twenty books in English and Japanese. Indeed, he was one of the first Jodo Shinshu teachers to reach out to the English-speaking world. He also edited and published – posthumously – Rev. Katura’s great masterpiece, Kyogyoshinsho Taikei, which is a commentary of Shinran Shonin’s major work.

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