HORAI ASSOCIATION was founded by Zuiken S. Inagaki (1885 – 1981).

It was originally a group of student to study the teaching of Jodoshinshu based on the writings of Horai School, which was begun by Dangai (1808-69) and succeded by Ryuei Uryuzu (1820-1903) and Riken Katsura (1872-1944). Zuiken was fourth in the lineage.

Horai, literlly “Dharma thunder”, seeks to reveal the essence of Shinran’s teaching from the standpoint of the spontaneaous working of thePower od Amida’s Vow.

Zuiken’s vision of Shin was informed by the living reality of the Buddha’s Vow and its spontaneous working. It was also universal in scope in that he presented its teaching, not as just one among many Japanese Mahayana schools (such as Zen, Kegon, Tendai, Shingon) but as embracing the fundamental insights of the entire Buddhist tradition (including the Theravada).

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